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Clearanail Treatment

Clearanail Treatment

fixed fungal nails

The fast, safe, and effective way to treat fungal nail Please see map below for a treatment provider near you

Podiatrists use Clearanail treatment for fast, effective results without pain

Professionals use Clearanail to diagnose and treat onychomycosis, or fungal nail as it is more commonly known. Other antifungal treatments often fail to penetrate to the source of infection - and may be useless unless you know exactly what you’re dealing with

Diagnose and treat with Clearanail

Fungal infections are often misdiagnosed, making disease or infection harder to treat. The Clearanail treatment pathway allows for proper diagnosis of fungal infections, making a positive outcome more likely. 
Micro holes are made in the affected nail with a smart drill that looks like a pen. It uses computer-controlled micro penetration to create holes of 0.4mm. The tiny needle retracts as soon as it breaks through the nail, making it safe and virtually pain free. At this stage the particles can be collected, and the presence of fungal nail determined if necessary.
Patients then apply a topical treatment to the nail – or the course of treatment the podiatrist recommends – and can expect to see results within two to eight weeks.

The Clearanail Device

Do you think you have fungal nail?

Fungal nail occurs when an athlete’s foot infection gets under the nail. It is very difficult to treat effectively without applying targeted treatments to the affected skin itself. Accessing the nail bed to apply the treatment directly is tricky.
If your nail is discoloured, thickened, and/or crumbling, you may have fungal nail. Make sure you consult a qualified podiatrist or other healthcare provider who uses Clearanail.

Are you a podiatrist interested in offering Clearanail treatment?

Clearanail® is a patented Class 1 medical device used for treating onychomycosis. The controlled micro-penetration (CMP®) system makes holes in the nail without causing the patient pain or risk of injury. The needles do not make contact with the skin below the nail, due to the device’s computerised fail-safe system. 
The dust collected when making these holes can be quickly tested to determine the presence of fungal nail infection. The right topical treatments can then be applied and will reach the nail bed in much higher concentrations than otherwise possible. 

Fast and effective results

In most cases one course of Clearanail will be required, but for more stubborn infections the clinician may need to perform a second round. It is particularly effective when treating advanced infections in the nail root that have not responded to other treatments. 
Results are usually visible in two to eight weeks.

Developed using cutting-edge technology

Clearanail uses cutting-edge technology. Literally. 
You’ll find peer-reviewed research into fungal nail infections and the efficacy of Clearanail on our 

as well as other information for clinicians. Why not check out our

explaining more about fungal nail and the Clearanail device?

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