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fungal nail

FAQ for Patients

FAQ for Patients


All Your Fungal Nail And Clearanail Questions Answered 

What is fungal nail?


Fungal nail, also called onychomycosis, is the same fungal infection as athlete’s foot. It becomes established underneath a toenail.

Why is fungal nail difficult to treat?

It is difficult for antifungal solutions applied to the nail to reach the infection underneath it. People are also often treated with the wrong medications because the infection has not been tested. Clearanail allows for proper diagnosis of infection and enables treatments to reach the nail bed safely, effectively, and in greater concentrations.

What is Clearanail?

Clearanail is a safe, effective treatment for fungal nail.

How does Clearanail treatment work?

A trained clinician makes micro holes in the nail using the Clearanail device. This is painless as the tiny computer-controlled needle automatically retracts before it can come into contact with the skin. The presence of fungal nail infection can be tested for, and the correct topical antifungal treatments applied directly to the infection via these holes. 

How big are the holes?

The holes are about the same width as ten human hairs laid side by side; only 0.4 mm in diameter.

Does Clearanail treatment hurt?

No. You are unlikely to feel anything during treatment. The computer-controlled device uses controlled micro penetration (CMP) and retracts as soon as it breaks through the nail.

How long does Clearanail treatment take?

Making the tiny holes will take approximately 30 minutes.

How many treatments will be required?

One treatment is usually sufficient. However, in more severe cases a second round may be necessary. A podiatrist will want to see patients for one or two follow up appointments to monitor progress. 

How quickly will it work?

A visible improvement is usually seen in the nail in just 2-8 weeks.

What else is involved in Clearanail treatment?

You may need a diagnosis first, which can be done with a five-minute test using dust collected from your nail. You may also need to treat your skin, shoes, and socks with an antifungal solution to prevent reinfection.

How much does Clearanail treatment cost?

Your Clearanail provider will be able to tell you how much your course of Clearanail treatment will cost. 

Where can I get Clearanail treatment in the UK?



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