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Dr Rolf Thomas PhD BEng

My name is Dr Rolf Thomas and I am the inventor of Clearanail.

Twenty years ago, I completed a PhD in Engineering in Medicine; robotically drilling holes in bones for surgery. I have also worked in the design of minimally invasive surgical tools for global markets in ophthalmic surgery, and minimally invasive surgery.  

Whilst developing a drug delivery system for needless injection through the skin, I was made aware the condition Onychomycosis (Fungal Nail).


After much research I discovered that the challenge in treating Fungal Nail is gaining safe access to the infection, which resides beneath the nail plate.

I discovered a laser system developed by Novartis the Pharmaceutical company that developed Lamisil, an antifungal drug (used for treating athletes foot at the time).


The laser produced 0.4 mm holes in nails for treating fungal nail, however the laser was unsafe for use on humans.

Consequently I developed a safe controlled robotic system called Clearanail based upon Controlled Micro-Penetration that produces 0.4 mm holes through the nail plate, but stops and retracts automatically in order to protect the Patient. 

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