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Clearanail® is available to podiatrists and other healthcare providers for the fast, effective, and safe treatment of fungal nail. The small, handheld device resembles a chunky pen and is easy to use without extensive training. 

Clearanail is a Class 1 medical device that uses a controlled micro-penetration system to drill holes of 0.4mm diameter in the nail without risk of injury or pain. The needle is prevented from penetrating the nail plate by a computerised fail-safe system, which makes it ideal for clinical use. 

The dust from drilling holes these holes is carefully collected to prevent further infection and can be tested for the presence of fungal nail. This enables clinicians to provide the right topical treatments for onychomycosis – and have confidence they are treating the right infection. Treatments can be applied in greater concentration and to better effect. 

These factors allow for a far greater chance of treatment being relevant and successful and offer a better outcome for patients. 

A more effective treatment

One treatment of Clearanail is usually sufficient for topical treatments to be effective. However, a second round may be needed if persistent infection does not clear even when the skin, shoes, and socks have been treated too.

Results are usually visible in two to eight weeks, and we recommend that podiatrists and healthcare providers see patients during this period to monitor their progress. 

Who invented Clearanail®?

Dr Rolf Thomas has a PhD in Engineering in Medicine and over twenty years’ experience in designing minimally invasive surgical tools. Finding that a laser system created to drill holes in the nail was unsafe for use, he developed the safe, controlled, robotic system now known as Clearanail instead.

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