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Clearanail – the cost-effective fungal nail treatment system your patients need

Getting optimum results for your patients with minimal fuss and risk to their health is one of the reasons you’re in business. Fungal nail infections are notoriously difficult to diagnose and treat. Clearanail takes away the guesswork – and risk of injury or prescribing the wrong course of treatment – for a small investment in the device itself. 

Offering safe, effective, and fast treatment pathways for your patients helps build trust and loyalty.

Clearanail technology does not use dangerous lasers. As the needle is controlled by computer technology it retracts as soon as the nail has been penetrated. This takes away the need for you to have years of experience or to depend on your own judgment to avoid putting your patients at risk; all the hard work is done for you.

We provide support and marketing materials

We provide full instructions, along with marketing materials you can use to educate your patients. The device is designed to be used without extensive training. 

The Clearanail intelligent drill device is easy to use and maintain. The only additional outlay is the single-use micro cutters. The nose cones will need replacing from time to time but these are reusable. 

And we are here to support you and your patients to give them the best possible outcomes. 

Clearanail Eco Quick Start Guide for Users
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