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The Foot Expert and Clearanail

Clearanail is a medical device used for nail fenestration device that uses Controlled Micro Penetration (CMP) to safely and painlessly make tiny holes through the nail plate allowing access to the nail bed beneath. 

The Clearanail Treatment Pathway (CTP) is a highly efficacious protocol designed to support the Clinician to get the best possible results for the Patient when treating Onychomycosis (Fungal Nail), which was based upon research conducted by Dr Ivan Bristow.

As a part of the Clearanail Treatment Pathway (CTP) it is recommended that the new five minute test for tinea unguium called PreventID Dermatophyte Test Strip Kit. To purchase the kit, please visit the website Home | fiveminutefungus 

The Clearanail device gathers dust when producing holes which is drawn up from the nail bed and may be used in the PreventID Dermatophyte Test Kit for increased accuracy.

Clearanail may also be used when treating Pseudomonal Chloronychia (Green nails).


Please see below articles by Dr Ivan Bristow from the Foot Expert; Foot Dermatology website explaining these in greater detail.  

Clearanail Eco Quick Start Guide for Users

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